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Heidi Peterson


Heidi Peterson is the wife of Sergeant Jesse James Peterson.  Heidi and Jesse had 15 years together and brought into this world four lives.  Heidi began her career as a prison guard in a state prison where she spent five years working with inmates. Once their son was born, Heidi took on the role of a part time stay at home Mom, eventually going to work part time for a county jail. Once their second child was born, Heidi became a full time stay-at-home-Mom.  

As the daughter of an organ donor, Heidi began working closely with LifeSource,  an organ and tissue procurement organization in Minnesota.  As an ambassador for LifeSource, Heidi shared her family’s personal story while speaking on the importance of donation at a variety of events across the country.  

In 2016 Heidi became the widow of Sergeant Jesse James Peterson when he ended his life by suicide. Jesse's death catapulted Heidi into her new life mission; making a change in the law enforcement community.  She made the decision to turn her pain into education and awareness in a raw and real form.  Heidi believes in supporting each officer on a personal level and extending the ‘Thin Blue Line’ bond to the families after the loss of an officer; whether it is from suicide, line of duty death or otherwise.