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Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas

 Bulletproofing: Winning the Modern Warrior’s Battle for Balance

Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas is an Assistant Professor of Health Promotion at Charleston Southern University and is the co-founder of Just Roll With It Wellness. Through her research, teaching, and service efforts, Hendricks Thomas, a former Marine, helps military veterans improve their holistic health and quality of life. Her behavioral health research, published in journals like Military Behavioral Health, Military and Veterans Health, and Advances in Social Work, has been praised as "masterful" and "constructive." More info can be found at

Bulletproofing: Winning the Modern Warrior’s Battle for Balance

Description: This WINx talk navigates the world of cutting-edge military mental health research from an insider’s perspective. Right now, we are losing more veterans to suicide than to combat and more law enforcement officers take their own lives than those killed in the line of duty. I’m a pretty decisive person with limited ability to ask for help and zero trouble-taking risks; there was a time I could have become one of those statistics. We need to shift our focus to prevention and to mental fitness training in the militaryand law enforcement communities. Advocating for a specific, empirically-validated protocol, Marine Corps combat veteran Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas calls for a new training standard and a focus on “bulletproofing the brain.” The principles of resilience-building she will highlight are universal; they can make anyone a better friend, partner, parent, or colleague.