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Mark Fallon

Faith - The things I’ve learned from terrorists, violent extremists and

combatants about faith-based leadership.

Mark Fallon is the Director of ClubFed, LLC, providing strategic consulting services on international security matters to clients within the private sector, public sector and the academic research community. Mark assists clients with developing knowledge, assessing risks, transforming training and implementing strategies to enhance performance in alignment with mission objectives.

Mark serves as the Chair of the US Government’s High Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) Research Committee and is the Vice Chair of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) IMPACT Executive Committee.   He has appeared as an international security commentator on networks that include the BBC, Al Jazeera, Channel News Asia, Russia Today, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and the Huffington Post, among others.  Mark has been published in Politico Magazine, The Huffington Post, the ILEETA Journal and the Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology. 

In August 2014, Mark was one of the principle authors of an open letter to President Obama, urging the President to instruct the CIA leadership to responsibly address the findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Torture Report Executive Summary and to stand behind his condemnation of torture.  When the Senate Intelligence Committee released their findings on December 14, 2014, the letter was read into the Congressional record.

A career law enforcement and national security professional, Mark began his federal law enforcement career as a Deputy US Marshal in 1979 and served as a special agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) for more than 27 years, including as the Deputy Assistant Director for Counterterrorism. In 2008, Mark was appointed to the Senior Executive Service within the Department of Homeland Security.  He retired from federal service in 2010 and became a private sector consultant involved in the study of violent extremism, strategic approaches to combating terrorism and incorporating evidence-based research within the law enforcement and national security communities.

Mark has been involved in some of the most significant counterterrorism investigations and operations in recent US history, including the investigation of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (known at the Blind Sheik), the attack on the USS Cole and after the attacks of 9/11, he was appointed as the Deputy Commander and Special Agent in Charge of a task force created to specifically investigate the Al-Qaida terrorist network.  He is currently writing a book on the challenges of bringing terrorists to justice.

Faith - The things I’ve learned from terrorists, violent extremists and

combatants about faith-based leadership.