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Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell

While working with the California Department of Corrections and California Highway Patrol, Mike understood the decision making process in law enforcement and how simple decisions made every day, ensure our success.  But, as he would discover on September 30, 2011 at 9:10 p.m., just because decision making is a simple process doesn’t make it an easy or important process.  Mike was involved in an on-duty patrol vehicle collision, which resulted in near fatal injuries.  After being flow to the hospital, Mike and his wife had to make life and career altering decisions.  The doctors told Mike that he would be able to live a semi-normal life, but his career with CHP would have to come to an end.  Refusing to accept the inevitable, he fought an eleven month battle to return to patrol.  In 2012 Mike returned to full duty as a Patrol Officer.  After returning to full duty, Mike began sharing how decisions made every day dictate how successful we will become in our law enforcement careers. 

After returning to full duty Mike became a range master and began seeking ways to improve his teaching abilities.  In 2013 Mike was voted Officer of the Year by his fellow officers and volunteered to teach Below 100 (Reduction of Line of Duty Deaths program) for the CHP and was later asked to join the National Below 100 program.  In 2014 and 2015, Mike began teaching both law enforcement and non-law enforcement personnel about Persons with Disabilities and the Inclusion movement.  Mike continues to bring awareness to others about “the decision making process.”

Michael Mitchell is an Officer with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), in Sacramento, California.  Mike began his Law Enforcement career with the California Department of Corrections (CDC) at San Quentin State Prison.  Mike was also a Corrections Officer at two additional Prisons (Salinas Valley Prison and Deuel Vocational Inst.) before promoting back to San Quentin as a Sergeant.  Mike left San Quentin and became a California Highway Patrolmen (CHP) in 2009 after completing the CHP’s Academy.