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Paul Callan


Paul Callan is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel who served for nearly 30 years at the highest levels within the Marine Corps.  A combat veteran with experience in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Paul’s personal decorations include the Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, and Meritorious Service Medal. Paul has experience in the military as a Commanding Officer and Chief of Staff, and in the corporate sector, as Chief Operating Officer andExecutive Vice President.

Paul has extensive experience leading people and transforming organizations into champions and models of excellence. He has a proven background in strategic planning, executive coaching, and leadership development.

Paul has a BA from Colgate University and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Naval War College with an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies.

As creator of The Callan Course on Leadership, Paul works with other leaders and organizations to develop a paradigm of Heroic Leadership and a vital re-awakening of classic leadership wisdom artfully reoriented to today’s modern challenges and cutting-edge business practices.

Devoted to self-leadership, self-mastery, and lifecycle leadership development, Paul helps people become better equipped to assume the mantle of leadership and become the next greatest generation.