WELCOME TO WINx Appleton 2017

Think Differently about training.

This fall Xperience Xcellence at W.I.N.X 

What people are saying about WINx...

Provocative, informative, motivating, entertaining—a true breakthrough to a new training format for modern policing.

You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn at WINx. Each of nine compelling instructor’s packs hours’ worth of practical insights into a gripping 18-minute presentation. Wasting not a word, they drive to the heart of their topics, providing useful takeaways on subjects ranging from how to sharpen observation skills to get ahead of potentially deadly threats to how to take charge of the public narrative in a crisis to how respectful policing can fight crime.

The organizers wanted “no ordinary training class.” Mission accomplished! So What’s Important Now? Attending the next WINX event!

Chuck Remsberg, Editor, Force Science© News

Thank you to Roy Bethge and Brian Willis for an inspirational day at WINx Chicago.  This event delivered on all levels and reinforced the value of asking essential questions, facilitating effective discussions and networking with talented leaders across a variety of fields.  What an amazing line up of speakers.  This event and this format should be repeated.  Nine powerful speakers shared their stories, posed thought provoking questions and inspired the audience to take action.  The WINx Chicago organizers leveraged these talks by creating a format where attendees were encouraged to interact with the speakers and each other.  This event has something to offer to all levels of the organization and should be added to the annual training calendar of any agency committed to creating a culture of leadership.  What’s Important Now is to take action on our key takeaways, and do everything possible to support initiatives like WINx Chicago.  We look forward to the next WINx event!

Tim Patton, Sergeant of Training, City of Madison (WI) Police Department

When Roy originally called me, wondering if I would take part in the inaugural WINx conference, I knew right away that there was something extremely special about this event. However, I didn't know just how special until I experienced it in November 2015. Using TED as inspiration, Roy and Brian have made a tremendous effort to provide the law enforcement profession with a conference that inspires thought and provokes action. The detail that went into every minute of the conference was humbling, from the venue to the speakers to the select audience members. I speak at a lot of conferences each year and, by far, WINx was the most memorable and I was so glad to hear that they will be continuing this effort in 2016 and beyond. 

If you're in the law enforcement profession and have an open mind and a strong desire to take the profession to a whole new positive level, then WINx is THE event that you absolutely want to take part in, whether as a speaker or an attendee.

A major "thank you" to Roy and Brian for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this incredible day!

Melissa Agnes, Crisis Management Consultant and Speaker 


I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all of your hard work to put together some fantastic training. Listening to you and the speakers you had chosen, I could really see the passion that you have for this project. I had never been to a training like that in the past. A different speaker every 20 minutes really kept everything fresh and interesting. I wish you the best with this training and I have a feeling that you my change the way law enforcement training will be conducted in the future. Thank you!!

Daniel Mead